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Why Dog Training is Vital

When you have a dog, you need to ensure that you take him to training since it will benefit both you and the dog. Here are some of the common commands that you need to ensure your dog practice, these include polite greetings when guest arrive, sit, come, drop it, leave it, stay, stop, wait, no, watch me and walking well with the owner. There are different ways of training a dog, this can be either taking the dog to a dog trainer or learning the training tips and applying them to your dog. Here are the reasons why you need to train your dog.

When you train your dog, it becomes easier for you to manage the dog pretty well. During training, dogs are taught how to respond to a number of basic commands which owners can use in controlling the dogs in different situations. Furthermore, the commands play a critical role in keeping the dig safe especially when on a walk or at a dog park. Your dog should not only respect you , he needs to behave well when interacting with other pets and other people. This will make it easier for you to take your pet to events, dog-friendly public parks as well as businesses.

Training your dog makes it easier for you to understand your pet. Obedience training give dog owners a chance to understand their dog in details including the things they like and those they don’t. Pet owners get to know the signals and the body language their pet use in communicating with them; this can only be seen during training.

Other things that a dog can benefit from training include exercise, mental control, having a job as well as quality time alone with you. However, when training your dog on how to obedient, you need to remember that training can take long, hence the need to be consistent, understanding and patient. Not all dogs respond training faster, some will take a short period while others may take longer to understand the commands.

Here are some of the vital commands your dog should know. When training your dog, you need to ensure that it understands the stay command. The stay command is practiced by telling your pet to sit down then raising your hands and instructing him to stay. The command is followed by giving the dog a treat which needs to be given some few steps away.

When training the sit command, the dog owner needs to follow the following steps, these include, holding a treat close to the dog’s nose, this is followed by moving the hand upward and allowing the dog’s head to trail the treat and causing its back to move downwards, once the dog is in a sitting position, the instructor needs to say sit.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Boarding

Practical and Helpful Tips: Boarding

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