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Important Things You Need To Know Before Setting Up A Tailspot Blenny Tank Or Aquarium

Tailspot Blenny is one of the most ideal types of fish you can keep in an aquarium or a tank. To make sure the fish is comfortable and can survive properly, it is necessary to make sure that the conditions are right. This is important considering that there are different types of aquariums and tanks which are suitable for different types of fish.
The main feature of the tank or aquarium meant for this fish is having the right conditions at the lowest parts. The main reason behind this is that the fish prefer spending its time at the bottom of the aquarium or tank. In fact, if you go looking for this fish in its natural habitats you shall find it hiding in the lowest areas of the water body. The bottom area of the aquarium or tank should have things such as live rocks and sand substrate to ensure the fish is optimally comfortable.

It is also important to cover the tank or aquarium meant for this particular type of fish. The reason behind this is that these fishes are expert jumpers and you might find your fish lying on the ground dead after jumping out of the tank. Using clear acrylic or plastic to cover the top area can be helpful because these materials do not harm the fish in any way. With proper covering, the fish will be safe especially before being used to the new surroundings of the aquarium.

These fishes eat a lot of algae and as a result, the ideal aquarium should have a lot of algae for the fish to feed on. As a way of preparing for the fish to be comfortable, you should take time to put the algae sources into the tank before introducing the fish. Vegetable matter is one of the best sources of algae for this fish and as a result, you can put in things such as dried seaweeds, algae flakes wafers. Since this particular fish is a marine fish, you need to make sure that the sources of algae in the tank are compatible with marine conditions.

This beautiful fish can comfortably stay with other types of fish especially the species which are smaller than it. If there are bigger fishes on the aquarium, the fish will be intimidated and it may spend a lot of time hiding. The fish can also survive with other fishes mostly the ones that do not like staying at the bottom of the tank. Having other bottom dwelling fishes in the aquarium creates a lot of discomfort even if the other fishes are smaller. Therefore, take time to ensure that the only other fishes introduced into the aquarium or tank are the ones compatible with Tailspot Blenny.
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