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Autoglass Prague

Do you have a broken windshield or perhaps a rear? Do you have a classic passenger car, a truck or a bus? In any way, the car glass Prague will always willingly and accurately carry out both the repair and the overall replacement of the windscreen, according to the damage rate and as needed.
Autoglass Prague

Autoglass Prague is a great place to visit as soon as the glass on your car breaks down. It's the only way to help you out and leave you alone. With nonstop service, you can be sure to find help at any time.
Great Prices

Our services are implemented for really good and unique prices that are available to all. Take advantage of our services and get to know on your own skin how the Prague car glass is a good place to work only the willing and professional people.

Original Glass for your car

Autoglass Prague

Do you have an accident and need an urgent repair of the windscreen, because it prevents you from driving further? Call the Autoglass Prague, we will be going to exchange it anywhere in the Czech Republic and at any hour. Our nonstop service is always at hand.
Autoglass Prague

The Prague Autoglass is mainly based on professional approach, quality work and affordable price. Visit our website and check out our service offerings. You can also download the price list here and you will have an overview of how much a particular thing will cost you.

Nowadays paperwork does not mispass you in any activity, Autosklo Praha will save you at least when handling formalities for insurance companies. We already cooperate with almost all insurance companies in the Czech Republic. Surely you can enjoy the time saved differently.

Best delivery conditions for your new office chair

The office is a working area where the equipment is used office furniture, which is able to allow comfortable work and also ensure the necessary order and overview. The office and other similar workplaces would not work without suitable seating furniture. That's why the office chair won't be missing in the equipment.
When choosing the equipment of the office and especially the correct seating furniture, it is necessary to think about health in addition to aesthetics and practicality. Especially long-term sessions can become unpleasant and painful. A modern office chair can easily cope with all the problems.
Office Chair-standard office equipment
You can choose from a wide range of e-shop, which specializes in equipment for warehouse, workshop and office. Modern office chairs are presented here in many types and colours and material designs.

Mácha Lake Chalets

What do you prefer to have your children all week by the sea? Think and compare in our Web photo-gallery Our beautiful environment-Mácha's Lake Cottage, which is satisfied clients year after year fully available.

Small tennis courts, handball field, dodging, football, just choose the game you like most! Choose beautiful nature with amazing bathing in Máchova Lake! What do you imagine when you say Mácha's Lake Chatka? That's classic of all classics!
Mácha Lake Calls
A bit of history does not hurt-the tradition of summer stays in Doksy dates back to the 19th century. Century. It reaches depths of up to 12 meters. A number of legends bind to the founding of the lake and its immediate surroundings. Come with us to discover the mouse castle or the Bezz hill. This and much more awaits you when you stay in cottages at Mácha's Lake!

Bed linen

Bed linens are also involved in the appearance of the bedroom and how we sleep in the bed. The offer offers a variety of material and design designs, so there is plenty to choose from.
Bed linen

If you visit the online shop TAC household Textiles, you will find a varied offer of high quality goods. Bed linens in various designs are also part of the offer. All products are branded and all combine above-standard quality. Quality is both raw materials, production technologies and overall design.
Bed linen-long life, easy maintenance

If you choose bed linens in high quality, you are assured of a long life and maintaining all the good qualities. Even after repeated washing, such bedding will remain soft and pleasant to the touch. And their colors won't fade and your satisfaction won't change either.

Ice cream machines offer new possibilities

Already in ancient Greece or Egypt, they knew that if they mixed ice and snow with some tasty fruit, something was incredibly delicious. We can also consider this product as the predecessor of ice cream as we know it today. However, the theory of its emergence and enlargement differs considerably. We don't mind what theories are, especially that it tastes so delicious, isn't it?
Well, admit it yourself-what is better for summer weather, than a few hoofs such a cool ice cream? Plus, when you're enjoying it, you don't have to worry about your slim line – The right ice cream contains only ingredients that are beneficial to your body.
The taste comes from milk, cream or cottage cheese (the basis of ice cream) and added fruit or ot

her ingredients. Yummy!

Don’t waste wasted on living walls and assemblies

It is important that your living room is to your liking, because it is the room to which we most often take our different important visits. If you do not have such a room, then simply contact our living walls and kits and we will gladly fulfill your wishes.
Not only is the living room a place where we meet friends or other important people, at the same time it is a room in which we like to spend time, because here we can watch TV, play games or just enjoy the common time with the family. That's why it's important for us to enjoy our room. Which will be with the new living walls and sets.
Living room
Decide to upgrade your living room and get elegant and practical living walls and sets.

Accommodation Mountains

Mom, Dad, grandma, Grandpa, we want to go somewhere. It's the way your kids are trying. The self-assessment is that when your kids have summer holidays, you are planning a vacation. Try the summer.
With mountain accommodation, you can show your children how beautiful the nature is in the Czech Republic. You will see, for example, the knowledge gained in your joint holiday can be useful in school during geography hours. Enjoy your children beautiful holidays and beautiful holidays and take them to Šumava. We will advise you and help you to choose the appropriate accommodation of the mountain. We are sure to find something for you.
Our goal-satisfied customer
Our main goal in the offer of accommodation mountains is the maximum satisfaction of all our customers.

Combine the necessary and useful

Has many uses and applications. Whether as a unification of clothing in your company or a gift for your loved ones with an original print. The application is really much and it is up to you how you use our services.

And what can you let it print? Almost any textiles. For example, we offer shirts, shirts, scarves, hats and much more. If you're letting your advertising fabric print in your company, you have an excellent marketing tool that uplift your company.
Tradition and perspective

Our company has been operating on the market for almost a decade and in that time we have become real specialists in the area. Advertising Textiles from our company is the right decision, which you will surely not regret. Convince yourself. www.xfer.cz

Bike Racks

Do you need to buy into your company, or a panel house, or a restaurant bike racks and want to handle it as quickly as possible without wasting your time unnecessarily? Try to look at the offer of our company directly from the table in your office.

Visit our website to learn about our full range of products, including the bike racks you are looking for. You can also place your order online. Whether you need racks with anchors to the wall or to the floor or hanger stands, you'll find everything here.

Use our Services

If you place your order with us, our company will ensure the import and installation of racks for free. We are also reminded that in order to buy bike racks you don't have to go anywhere, you just need to enter the right Internet link and our goods will get to you. It's an interesting offer, and we believe that you will reach out to our company and be satisfied with our services.